The tyranny of “Passing”

I was given some excellent advice by an older transwoman when I told her I was trying to pass, having just gone to living 24-7 as a woman a few months earlier. “Don’t” she said. “By trying to pass you only make yourself more nervous and will be more likely read by anyone you meet.

Now here at is an excellent article on the perils of passing, and the difficult history of the term. I can also recommend the book “Nobody Passes“, an anthology of genderqueer perspectives.

Androgynes are the Most Beautiful People

It’s is really self evident if you think about it. A beautiful masculine male is most attactive to heterosexual women and homosexual men. Conversely, a feminine female is most attractive to heterosexual men and homosexual women.

A beautiful androgynous person can be highly attractive to everyone regardless of their sexuality. But the most beautiful people are those who are true to themselves.