Free five 5 hour disabled Access coursework for California Architect continuing education

Because learning how to help disabled people should be free.

Free Architect five hours of disable access course work

posted 1/31/13

Updated 6/28/13

Updated 12/20/13

Are there really FREE disabled access courses out there? Yes. Please read on!

First, if you are debating whether or not you should pay for this,  visit this site for the least expensive pay site that I have found anywhere.  Currently this site appears to cost $10 ten dollars less that others online.

Continuing on, here below is why I started this blog and  the links to Free courses for your use:

Ever since it became a necessary for California Architects to have five hours of disabled access coursework in continuing education, I had wanted to find out if there is really free classes available for us to take. Looking at the renewal application, It looks like we have to take 5 hours of course work related to ADA, in other words disabled access. Looking around the internet, even though there are a…

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