The tyranny of “Passing”

I was given some excellent advice by an older transwoman when I told her I was trying to pass, having just gone to living 24-7 as a woman a few months earlier. “Don’t” she said. “By trying to pass you only make yourself more nervous and will be more likely read by anyone you meet.

Now here at is an excellent article on the perils of passing, and the difficult history of the term. I can also recommend the book “Nobody Passes“, an anthology of genderqueer perspectives.

One Comment on “The tyranny of “Passing””

  1. Motley says:

    Nobody passes, indeed.

    Nobody wants to talk about how the word on the other side of the “pass” dichotomy is fail.

    So, frankly, fuck that dichotomy. Let’s make new expectations and new words, so that our children and their children can be horrified by how larval our efforts are at describing a nuanced society that they will take for granted. Let’s build that fucking world.


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