Androgynes are the Most Beautiful People

It’s is really self evident if you think about it. A beautiful masculine male is most attactive to heterosexual women and homosexual men. Conversely, a feminine female is most attractive to heterosexual men and homosexual women.

A beautiful androgynous person can be highly attractive to everyone regardless of their sexuality. But the most beautiful people are those who are true to themselves.


We live at Kahana Bay Park for today, last night. Moments spent among the iron woods of keawe’, burning termite eaten logs found by the side of the highway. Drinking beer, smoking grass, roasting marshmallows we revel in each others’ company, whelmed with the joyousness of this time, this place, these sweet and beautiful beings we share the universe with.
My friend stares into the fire this morning; watching a colony of ants scurry around their burning log home. Even for us sitting a few feet away the logs burn too hot in the dappled Hawaiian sun. Waves crash as hogs rumble, cruising by on the highway of the king.

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