"Crash" by J. G. Ballard

This is a revolutionary work of fiction? that was made into a half-assed movie version by David Cronenberg ( Usually he’s on of my favourite directors, but the adaption is a poor screenplay).
It’s revolutionary it the mental space the book’s story occupies. It is an erotic paean to frenetic coupling of people and machines, specifically cars in this context. Set in 1972-1973 on the motorways around the aeroport in London, the author finds himself in his first car crash that introduces him to a new world of people and eroticism. The writing is erotic and at the same time inhuman.
I found the book interesting in that it was a new subject, yet the character and style did not pull me in. The writing is intentionally scientific in word choices, which adds to its modern emotional feel, but does not pull in the reader but rather disassociates. One of the mistakes I think the movie made was continuing this unnatural word choice as dialog.
Well written but a difficult read, as it is impossible to connect with the characters on anything more than a primal sexual level.


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